ISO 9001 Lead Implementor

ISO 9001 Lead Implementor

This course enables participants to develop the necessary expertise to support an organization in implementing and managing a Quality Management System (QMS) based on ISO 9001:2015


à        Project managers or consultants responsible for  implementation of a Quality Management System

à        ISO 9001 auditors

à        Persons responsible for the Quality or conformity in an organization

à        Members of a quality team


à        Understand the implementation of a Quality Management

à        Gain the knowledge and skills in identifying the risks and opportunities

à        Understand the relationship between the components of a QMS and the compliance with the requirements of different stakeholders of an organization

à        Gain the skills  to support an organization in implementing, managing and maintaining a QMS specified in ISO 9001 and ISO 9004

à        Develop the skills to advise organizations on best practices in the QMS and mange a team implementing ISO 9001

à        Prepare an organization for an ISO 9001 audit


à        Standard and regulatory framework

à        Quality Management System (QMS)

à        Initiating the QMS implementation

à        Understanding the organization and clarifying the quality objectives

à        Analysis of the existing management system

à        Leadership and approval of the QMS project

à        QMS scope

à        Policies for quality management

à        Risk assessment

à        Planning of product and service provision

à        Definition of organizational structure of the QMS

à        Definition of the document management process

à        Operations Management

à        Training and awareness plan

à        Communication plan

à        Product and service requirements, design, and purchasing process

à        Product and service realization and control

à        Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation

à        Internal audit

à        Management review

à        Treatment of problems and non-conformities

à        Continual improvement

à        Preparing for the certification audit

à        Competence and evaluation of implementers

à        Closing the training

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