ISO 20000 Lead Auditor

ISO 20000 Lead Auditor

This course enables the participants to develop the necessary expertise to audit a Service Management System (SMS) based on ISO 20000 and to manage a team of auditors by applying audit principles, procedures and techniques


à        Service Management internal auditors

à        Auditors wanting to perform and lead Service Management System (SMS) certification audits

à        Project managers or consultants responsible for implementation the SMS audit process

à        Persons responsible for the information technology service in an organization

à        Members wanting to prepare for an SMS audit function


à        Acquire necessary knowledge and skills about an auditor’s role to: plan, lead and follow-up on a management system audit in accordance with ISO 19011.

à        Learn how to lead an audit and audit team.

à        Learn how to interpret the requirements of ISO/IEC 20000-1 in the context of an SMS audit.

à        Acquire the competencies of an auditor to: plan an audit, lead an audit, draft reports, and follow-up on an audit in compliance with ` 19011.

à        Fundamental principles of service management

à        ISO 20000 certification process

à        Service Management System (SMS)

à        Detailed presentation of the clauses of ISO 20000-1

à        Fundamental audit concepts and principles

à        Audit the approach based on evidence and risk

à        Preparation of an ISO 20000 certification audit

à        SMS documentation audit

à        Conducting an opening meeting

à        Communication during the audit

à        Audit procedures: observation, document review, interview, sampling techniques, technical verification, corroboration and evaluation

à        Audit test plans

à        Formulation of audit findings and documenting nonconformities

à        Audit documentation

à        Conducting a closing meeting and conclusion of an ISO 20000 audit

à        Evaluation of corrective action plans

à        ISO 20000 surveillance and internal audit management program

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